In addition to our ready-to-use products, we can also develop customized solutions for condition monitoring and predictive maintenance. We are specialized in the implementation of software solutions on EDGE hardware. By EDGE hardware we mean microcontrollers, field programmable gate arrays (FPGA), digital signal processors (DSP) and single-board computers (SBC) as well as IOT gateways. Based on your requirements, we take care of the software and hardware development, from the joint creation of a specification sheet through to acceptance.


Custom Solutions

Programming and design of embedded / egde systems

We are experts in programming IOT gateways, single-board computers and microcontrollers using the programming languages C/C++, Java and Python. We are also well versed in common interfaces and bus systems and can therefore tailor customized EDGE solutions that help you to collect data or, for example, enable condition monitoring of your machinery. We are looking forward to support you in the development of EDGE systems.

Development of algorithms for condition monitoring and forecasting

We enjoy modeling and designing algorithms! – Whether simple threshold methods, deep learning or state space models. We are specialized in hardware-related software development of intelligent or classical algorithms. Contact us via the contact form and tell us about your problem.

Characterization and benchmarking of EDGE hardware

Do you want to integrate an IOT gateway, a single-board computer or a microcontroller into your series production? But you are not sure whether the performance, availability, reliability and quality are right? We support you in your decision and carry out customized research and a benchmark. With our knowledge and information, we can provide you with ideal advice in the current semiconductor crisis.

Consulting and project management


Every customer, every system and every problem requires an individual approach. In addition to our development work, we also support our customers with targeted consulting services. For example, we offer interactive workshops, which can be a starting point for further collaboration:

Threshold method versus deep learning
When it makes sense to use intelligent algorithms in machine monitoring

Colleague AI
How digitalization can be used in SMEs to automate unpleasant tasks

How to successfully equip systems with sensors and evaluation electronics

IOT gateways
Which requirements arise and which devices are suitable

External project management

We have been developing products and software solutions with agile work processes for some time now. We know both the management perspective and the developers’ side: Agile work processes allow problems to be solved iteratively so that development can be quickly adapted to new situations, requirements or findings. The downside for developers is a significant increase in the monitoring of their work progress. The introduction of agile work processes is therefore always a challenge. As a young company, we are happy to support you in the planning and implementation of company-wide project management that moves your employees and you forward:

→ Needs analysis, design and implementation of project management tools, with seamless integration into existing system tests

→ Knowledge management solutions with tailored authorization levels

→ Change management and training of employees in the use of the tools

→ GitFlow and project management in software development

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